The 1932 Americas Cup was the 58th biennally hosting of the Americas Cup and the 32nd tournament to include the Canadian National Team. The tournament was unique in that it was the first and (so far) only time in the history of the Americas Cup that all three teams ended the first six games with identical two-and-two records.


Game 1: United States over Canada, 440-360 Game 2: Mexico over Canada, 190-70 Game 3: United States over Mexico, 310-220 Game 4: Canada over United States, 620-490 Game 5: Canada over Mexico, 480-310 Game 6: Mexico over United States, 280-90


Since no team could be eliminated for having the most losses, the competitors for Game Seven were for the first time decided by total points. After six games, Mexico was elimiated, having accumulated 1,000 points; the United States, having collected 1,330 points, went on to face Canada.

Having amassed 1,530 points, Canada was awarded homefield advantage, which was capitalized on in a 630-610 come-from-behind victory over the United States National Team.