The annual School Championship took place on 12-14th July 2015 in Nice, France. The event preceded the 2014 championships in Manchester and will be succeded by the 2016 championships in Berlin and the winning school was Hogwarts School who won 120000 galleons and in second came Beauxbatons who won 1 sickle and 27 knuts for their school and in last place came Drumstrang who won 16 knuts.

Day 1 - 12/07Edit

Opening Cememory began the entire tournament off. With the three main school particpating, the selected people put on a really good performances to muggle songs, here were the choices made by the three schools:

Hogwarts: Paint The Town Green by the Script / Hall of Fame by the Script

Beaxubatons: Hips Don't Lie by Shakira 

Drumstrang: Watch me Whip, Watch me Nae Nae by Sliento

Day 2 - 13/07Edit

First Event of the Championships: Defence Agaisnt the Dark Arts

Today's first activity was learning how to defence and the winner of this first activity: Hogwarts

Today's Second activity was to learn about the Werewolves and to train one: Drumstrang

Second Event of the Championships: Charms

They were learning different spells to be put in a duel, here was the winning games and the winner overall:

Game 1: Beauxbatons won agaisnt Hogwarts  = Drumstrang sat out

Game 2: Hogwarts won agaisnt Drumstrang = Beauxbatons sat out

Game 3: Drumstrang lost against Beauxbatons = Hogwarts sat out

Playoff Game: Hogwarts won against Drumstrang = Beauxbatons sat out

Overrall ranking on the first day: Beauxbatons (1st), Hogwarts (2nd) and Drumstrang (3rd)

Day 3 - 14/07Edit

Last Event of the Championships: Surivival Task

Beauxbatons started the task first, followed by Hogwarts who were folowed by Drumstrang. They had a massive list on what they need to survive which include tent, food and water. Beauxbatons fell out first, followed by Drumstrang leaving Hogwarts to get to the end and recived the 16 points possible to win the tournament.

Closing Event

The winner of the tournament was annouced and the speechs were made before lots of acts performed as the students and the teachers dance to finish the tournament.