The 2017 Confederation Invitational was the 595th annual hosting of the International Confederation of Wizards' most celebrated dueling competition, held from 14th - 16th January 2017. The championship was held in Manchester, England. The 2017 championship marked the expansion of the field of competition from twenty duelist per class to 24. Therefore, a total of 384 duelists were invited to compete; nineteen declined to participate, and their spots were filled by applicants drawn in a lottery.

The 2017 Invitational was notable for the victory of Rhiannon Carrodus, who became just the twelfth teenager to win the competition, and the youngest Champion in more than a century. She completed the tournament with a 10-and-1 record. She also ended eight-time champion Viktor Krum's win-streak, preventing him from surpassing Filius Flitwick's tournament record of eight consecutive titles.


  • 10/16/17 – 12 upper-bracket first-round duels at each of 16 Class Venues (192 duels total)
  • 10/17/17 – 6 upper-bracket second-round duels and 6 lower-bracket first-round duels at each venue (192 duels total)
  • 10/18/17 – 6 lower-bracket second-round duels at each venue (96 duels total)
  • 10/19/17 – 3 upper-bracket third-round duels and 3 lower-bracket third-round duels at each venue (96 duels total)
  • 10/20/17 – 1 upper-bracket fourth-round duel, 1 upper-bracket fifth-round duel, 2 lower-bracket fifth-round duels, 1 lower-bracket sixth-round duel, 1 lower-bracket seventh-round duel, and 1 final title duel at each venue (7 duels per venue; 112 duels total)
  • 10/22/17 – 8 first-round duels; 4 quarterfinal duels; 2 semifinal duels; 1 Final Championship Duel (15 duels total)



First round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final Duel
Benson W
 Hogg L Benson W
Eltz W  Eltz L
 Hørring L  Benson L
 Carrodus W Carrodus W
 Wood L Carrodus W
 Fudge L  Delacour L
Delacour W Carrodus W
 Đurić L  Krum L
Lupin W Lupin W
Martens W  Martens L
 Nkomo L  Lupin L
Karait W Krum W
 Ríos L  Karait L
Krum W Krum W
 Yesimov L