The Battle of Flandreau was the last major conflict of the Wizarding Wars between the Diamond Republic and the Dark Disciples, it took place in 2035.

The ConfrontationEdit

Give us the location of the others, or we start using wands. -Dark Disciples confront the Diamond Republic members.

While patroling the school, Christina and six mem

bers of the Diamond Republicspotted a quarter that has just been flung towards them, and she picked it up. This prompted six Dark Disciples – Delayne lestrange, Arreina lestrange, Alex jefferies, Megan patneaud, Christopher benallie, Tyler parker, and leader Lord Serpus – to emerge from the shadows and demand that Christina give them the location of their whereabouts. On Christopher negroni's signal, the six republic members all used the Reducting Curse to cause the trees to fall, distracting the Dark Disciples so that they could flee. As they ran, Delayne grabbed Christina’s arm, but was stunned by Naomi dickens. She, Christina, and Richard Walker were then separated from the other three . [1]