The Sorting of 2010 took place at Hogwarts on 1 September 2010. Unlike previous years, the Sorting did not begin with a song by the Sorting Hat, but with the Sorting itself. New students of Hogwarts were perfuctorily placed into their Houses, with many going into the Houses of their families.

The Hat performed an unprecedented song:  For o'er a thousand years now,

my job it's been to be the one who sorts according to those talents that I see. And every year I sing a song to tell you eager souls, of Hogwarts' storied founders and their ancient, noble goals. But mark my words, this year I have a little more to say, and you'd better pay attention or there'll be a price to pay! The four houses of the founders were never meant to be the only thing you need to know about your destiny. We've all been through, to say the least A terrible few years. There's been tragedy and horror and no shortage of tears. Yet with the fall of You-Know-Who my hopes were raised anew. 'Surely,' thought I, 'they'll all see now what they were meant to do?' They'll take to heart the lesson from those days of yore when Salazar Slytherin was best friends with Godric Gryffindor. Helga Hufflepuff made three, and Rowena Ravenclaw four; wise and steadfast friends were they who never would make war. But now as then, no sooner has the fighting come to an end, than feuds and grudges flare anew to separate friend from friend. It's worse, I say – and that's saying a lot – than before the war came here! You wage vendettas, settle scores And everyone lives in fear. Gryffindors stand ready to nobly defend, but only those select few they deign to call a friend. You Hufflepuffs, who once were known as friendly, just, and true, you still are ceaseless workers for what might benefit you. Ravenclaws, sagacious folks, are clever, keen, and wise, but these most studious students hoard their knowledge like a prize. And Slytherins, what need I say? What others say of you is worse than anything except the things you let be true. I'm sick at heart (figuratively), so here's my plea, and ultimatum as well: make peace else you'll hear no more from me! That's right! No more will I sort you; this time will be the last! You may have thought I've got no choice but you thought wrong, alas! And just to make my point, here's the most pointed part of my song... Some of you, I just sent somewhere you don't belong!