Merrifield's Fire is the start of the Force Sensitive battle on Earth that is known in the wizarding that techinically started months if not years before this happened while searching for what people think is a derranged and lone Death Eater destroying small wizarding towns in America and only know he is after someone and want to keep that person safe. It is only with Dante and him being a part time seer and an Auror that he notices that this person is not a Death Eater but something else like his younger children except dark. He was able to track that his next location would be Merrifield and with the help of people claiming to be Jedi and that Dante contacted them to help with training of his children: Susanna and Michelangelo and two other children: Neveah Baxter and Dong-Son Jeung that they will help find the person. Well unknowingly Dante made Susanna and Michelangelo a victim of this guy. Upon finding them, he has his followers presumed to be Dark Jedi and Dark Wizards along with droids to kill the people and burn down the town. Soon after the event with Susanna being better to travel the four Earthling Jedi head to train in outerspace to keep them away from impending fame in America and to a smaller degree around the world.