We have confirmed that ten high-security prisoners, in the early hours of yesterday evening, did escape. And of course, the Ministry of South Dakota has been alerted to the danger. We strongly suspect that the breakout was engineered by a man with personal experience in escaping from NurmenGuard; notorious mass murderer; Delayne Lestrange, husband of the escapee Arriena Lestrange. -Minister of Minisota on scene.

In January 2017, a mass breakout from NurmenGuard set ten long-imprisoned Dark Disciples loose. Lord Serpus had little trouble arranging this, as many of the Dementors were happy to oblige his dark whims. TheJaquill, probably with encouragement from the Ministry of South Dakota, reported that the escaped criminalDelayne lestrange must be responsible for the incident. Most of the escapees, as well as a few other Dark Disciples, would be returned to prison after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.