During the First Wizarding War, after receiving information about an attack on the Bukingham Palace, Albus Dumbledore sent Auror James Potter and an elite squadron led by Sirius Black to intercept the attack on the Millenium Bridge. 

The aurors departed the day in which the attack was about to take place, and engaged the Death Eaters in a broomsticks duel and managed to land on the bridge. After attacking Bellatrix Lestrange and his husband, Robertus, dark wizards Romualdo Kevin and Antonin Dolohov arrived and confronted the aurors. James Potter and Sirius managed to disarm Robertus and cast a Stupefy! charm on him, after which he escaped. Aurors Taylor Current and Mario Holiday from the Westminster Abbey Wizarding Security intercepted Dolohov in the air and engaged him in close combat. Dolohov managed to kick Taylor's chest and knock her down, after attempting defend her, Holiday was hit by a deflected Stupefy! charm and his wand was destroyed as it fell to the water below the bridge.

Bellatrix, in an attempt to kill James Potter, casted on him a Cruciatuscurse, but was confronted by Sirius Black, disarmed and hit by a powerful charm. Romualdo tried to attack Holiday, but the auror was defended by James Potter, Sirius Black and the wounded Taylor. The three casted a powerful spell that sent Romualdo high in the aire, and after he managed to disappear; Dolohov casted the Dark Mark, after that, the large ship Malevolent Mirror and escaped on it with Romualdo, the ship got inside the water and disappeared beneath it. After that, Dumbledore arrived and took Lestrange into custody, and his healing powers cured the wounded Taylor.

When Robertus, Romualdo, and Dolohov told Lord Voldemort that Lestrange was captured, the Dark Lord decided to go himself to the Wizarding Prison in the Westminster Abbey to free the Death Eater himself.