The 1313 Magicorpal is one of the biggest, yet overlooked, pieces of magical history.

The Event EditEdit

On the night of Ventrember 13, 1313, a Magicorpal had been declared on the muggles. Some creatures involved were werewolves, banshees, kelpes, cantaurs, dragons, dementors, and a terrible infanstation of boggarts flooded into all English communities. Most muggles were asleep. The creatures came in from all areas, blocking off most, if not all, chances of escaping. For most muggles, it started as a nightmare, then quickly transformed into screaming deaths.

The End EditEdit

Soon after the attack was launched, a team of wizards came into many of the infested cities. The cast the most powerful spell they could, but they had to use it fast. Every time the smoke cleared, more creatures came pouring in. In the end they won, but many a soul was lost. The only wizard who survived was Sir Laurus Trentson. He was able to write down the event soon after the attack, which death had followed, in his journal. It is stored in Gringotts Wizarding Bank, and will stay there untill the Ministry decides to move it to a museum. That night would not be forgotten if more wizards knew about it.