Minister of Magic: "Cruela Peverell née Malfoy, a pure-blooded witch who is being tried for the usage of the Cruciatos, Imperius, and Killing Curses, as well as the murders of many half-blood and muggle-born wizards and witches, what do you say in you're defense?"
Cruela Peverell: "Not guilty."
— Cruela's trial.[src]

The Trial of Cruela Peverell was a trial held in late 2070 that was set to suggest whether or not to put Cruela Peverell in Azkaban for her crimes during the Fourth Wizarding War. However, Cruela and several others provided evidence that she was put under the Imperius Curse by Lucius Lestrange during the war. Along with the evidence, she gave a list of names of the other Death Eaters who participated in the war. Cruela was set free, proven not-guilty, and was not sentenced to serve time at Azkaban.