Perhaps the the most violent of all the wizarding wars, the War of the Remnant, also known as the Eagle's Revolution, took place during the years of 2009-2010. The "Eagle" aka Godson of Snape, fought against David Johansen or Lord Voldemort II. David Johansen, who was the only Icelandic Death Eater, had betrayed Snape only hours before his death. Due to the acccuracy of the intel provided, the Godson was crippled. Johansen who then took over as "Executive Death Eater". He organized the survivors of the war and retreated into hiding. When this was revealed in late 2009, the "Eagle" launched the attack on the Remnant's HQ in Edinburgh. David Johansen was severely wounded, and would continue to fight for several months. It was revealed by the Ministry of Magic USA in October 2010, that David Johansen had been killed in a botch attempt on the Lord Minister's life.